Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

The award-winning Strawberry Lemonade hails from Santa Monica, California, delivering a legendary experience for cannabis enthusiasts.Bred by the Cannabiotix Genetics + Barneys Farm USA, this sativa dominant strain serenades your senses with a tangy lemon and berry flavour profile.Indeed, Strawberry Lemonade is a hybrid blend of the acclaimed ‘Strawberry Cough’ combined with the bubbling terpenes of ‘Lemon OG’.This energizing strain, a 60% sativa, 40% indica hybrid, scooped up the High Times Cannabis Awards for ‘Best Sativa Flower’ in 2016, and has all the hallmarks of a winner.

With a fully tested and certified 28.44% THC content, she packs the perfect punch for experienced users, delivering a potent, invigorating hit to the cerebrum.

Initial impressions

Strawberry Lemonade, as you might expect from its name, is an exceedingly palatable smoke. As you inhale, this sativa dominant strain surges into your skull with an energising impact, which increases your levels of focus and well being.

As for the scent, you will sense largely strawberry overtones accompanied by sizzling citrus undertones. As you exhale, your tastebuds will be greeted by the powerful presence of pure berries, as a thrilling, upfliting buzz starts to take hold.

The after effects

This baby enhances the world around you, increasing energy, clarity and your ability to contribute something meaningful to a discussion. Whatever the task ahead of you, whether you’re going for a walk, doing some work or even attending a party, Strawberry Lemonade has an overwhelmingly positive impact on mind and body.

Naturally, being high in THC content, this strain should be approached with the respect it deserves, and consumed according to the user’s tolerance levels. Late afternoon to sunset use is recommended, as the lasting impression will be one of deep relaxation after the initial buzz dissolves.

Benefits of the strain

This sweet strain induces those happy hormones, triggering a sense of calm and creativity.

In addition, it has been reported as a worthy treatment for pain, anxiety and depression when used in the correct dosage.

Furthermore, the energising buzz of Strawberry Lemonade assists in curing mental fatigue, inspiring happiness and laughter with friends or loved ones.

Owing to the strain’s largely positive impact on the mind, we would call this a social strain, which is ideal for those who have a positive mindset and can handle the potency of the THC.

On that note, those who are prone to panic or paranoia are advised to swerve Strawberry Lemonade, despite the lure of this flavoursome type.


These sweet, dense buds are characterised by a coating of snowy trichomes – giving the buds a largely bright appearance. Nestled inside the buds, orange stigma hairs reveal themselves in large numbers, interspersed with light green leaves.

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