Pulp Friction


When you combine the banana-infused notes of ‘Kong’s Krush’ and the divine melon citrus aroma of ‘Melonade’, you know that you’re in for a treat.This hybrid – named ‘Pulp Friction’ – is a dreamy combination of two fruity types, making this strain a tropical fruits bonanza for the senses. Furthermore, Pulp Friction is an indica-dominant hybrid plant, with a 70/30 split between indica and sativa.Hailing from Mendocino, California and emerging from the lauded Dying Breed Seeds, in collaboration with Greenhouse Seeds & Team Elite Genetics, Pulp Friction – much like the Tarantino classic – has the makings of an all-time great among the elite in the Premier League of hybrid strains.

Initial impressions of Pulp Friction

Allow your taste buds to be serenaded by sweet melon and banana notes, which are only enhanced by using a vaporiser. You can’t fail to enjoy this flavour, rich in terpenes and intoxicating in its hold.

The lingering aftertaste is sweet and creamy, with the Melonade bursting through to leave its lasting impact upon your tastebuds.

Those who enjoy the taste of tropical fruits in their smoke will adore this hybrid, which definitely brings the best qualities out of two types with strong genetics.

The after effects of Pulp Friction

With a lab tested and certified 25.43% THC content, we’re floating in the realms of euphoria after a few tokes of Pulp Friction.

Weed connoisseurs will love this one, and beginners or part-time smokers should be wary of its power.Following your vape or your spliff, or however you’re feeling like smoking Pulp Friction, your mood will surely be enhanced, as will your creativity and sense of well being.

Following the initial high, deep relaxation will soon follow, but not before you really enjoy the Pulp Friction magic carpet ride.Benefits of Pulp FrictionWith the particularly sweet and creamy terpenes on this strain, you’ve got a hybrid which works wonders for the mood.

Initially, the THC takes you to the higher echelons of consciousness, giving you a sense of well being and perspective, whilst leaving you in a state of relaxation, which facilitates an excellent sleep.

Moreover, Pulp Friction enables one to engage socially and smile with friends, when the right dosage is used.

Characteristics of Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction’s appearance is simply gorgeous.

Large, dense, compact buds are covered in glistening, sticky white trichomes. Indeed, this plant showcases beautiful colours from pink to purple with red and mauve hints. Finally, the sparkling aesthetic presented by Pulp Friction – as it stands proud in its perfect form – is completed by a gentle coating of orange stigma hairs.

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